Picturesque Shem Creek – 1 of Charleston SC Top Attractions

Jon Stroud
Jon Stroud
Published on July 28, 2021

Top Attractions in Charleston SC area- Picturesque Shem Creek

Living in the Mt. Pleasant and Charleston SC area offers so many fun attractions!  One of them is Shem Creek.  If you like boats, paddle boarding, marine life and a nice variety of places to eat delicious food, you’ll love this area. 

Map of Shem Creek
Map of Shem Creek

Shem Creek offers:

1. Restaurants and bars

Lined with restaurants and bars along the water offering casual to fine dining.  Enjoy a drink or local seafood dinner with friends while watching the sun set over the marsh. Listen to live music offered at some of the restaurants/bars. 

Delicious seafood at Shem Creek restaurants
Delicious Seafood

2. Kayak and Paddle Boarding

One of the best ways to explore Shem’s creek is by water.  On one side of the bridge is the quiet, scenic wildlife part of the creek.  Featuring photographic marshes, oyster beds and moss draped oak trees.  Go under the bridge to the other side, features boaters, restaurants and shrimp boats.  This is a good area to spot dolphins that hang out in Shem’s creek.  Sometimes the dolphins will swim right by you!  Occasionally you can see manatees hanging out in the creek during the warmer months.  If you have your own paddle board/kayak, there is a public boat ramp.  If you don’t have your own kayak or paddle board, here are a couple places to rent and even take a guided tour.

Paddle Boarding on Shem Creek
Paddle Boarder and Boat on Shem Creek

3. Dolphins

Dolphins tend to hang out here, particularly following the shrimp boats as they return with their catch.  You can spot them from walking the nature boardwalk or on the water boating or paddling boarding. 

Dolphins at Shem Creek
Dolphin, Source: GerhardG – Pixabay

4. Boating

Boating – Have a boat? You can launch at public ramp on Shem Creek and explore the waterways at Shem Creek Boat Landing.  Don’t have a boat?  No problem.   Here are a few boat rentals and charters right at Shem Creek:

Fishing and boating on Shem Creek
Fishing and Boating on Shem Creek, Source: Emmy Gadd – Unsplash

5. Shem Creek Park

  • Enjoy a relaxing walk and beautiful sunset on the Nature Boardwalk
  • Fishing off the pier
Sunset at Shem Creek Park
Sunset at Shem Creek Park

6. Accommodations

Stay right on Shem Creek at the Shem Creek Inn -waterfront hotel with outdoor pool

7. Shem Creek Marina

Convenient marina to store you boat and launch conveniently on Shem’s Creek

Shem Creek is one of the most photographed and visited spots in Mount Pleasant, SC by locals and tourist alike. Few areas of Mt. Pleasant are as picturesque or as laid back as Shem Creek.

If you are looking to relocate to Shem Creek or the surrounding area, to enjoy the rich history, wide range of entertainment, Southern charm, and scenic setting that the area has to offer, reach out to me. 

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