Homes For Sale in West Ashley, SC

West Ashley, SC

Just West of the Ashley

A larger, more residential area to consider when looking at homes for sale in Charleston, SC is West Ashley. Although only a short drive from the peninsula, this area has become very well known for its casual dining and hopping nightlife scene. West Ashley, although quite big, still has that Charleston feel. With lots of neighborhoods, apartment complexes and townhomes to offer, West Ashley gladly accommodates all! Another draw that West Ashley has to offer is the Greenway, which is very attractive to walkers and bikers or those with pets or kids. This greenway is one of the East Coast’s largest greenways being 7.8 miles one way. You can find an abundance in spas, malls, and boutique shops around West Ashley. All in all, this area is excellent for all types of people, all the amenities one would need are close. For more information on homes for sale in Charleston, SC contact Jon Stroud at [email protected].


The Birthplace of Charleston...

A significant area that has become extremely popular in the West Ashley area is Avondale. If you like having an abundance of restaurants, hopping bars, and boutique shops nearby, West Ashley is for you! One of Avondale’s most unique attributes is its Y-shaped layout, split by Magnolia Road and Savannah Highway. Surrounded by bright and colorful shops, highly-rated restaurants and fun bars such as Roost & Genes, Avondale attracts all types of people. Roost, one of the more popular bars is known for its laid-back vibes, good food, and live music on the weekends. Looking to study, wind down, or just relax while enjoying some coffee and baked goods? Check out Gala, a delicious dessert eatery. If you’re a beer lover, you might want to check out Charles Towne Fermentory – a brewery that has tons of delicious beers on draft! As one can see, Avondale in West Ashley has so much to offer. For more information on homes for sale in West Ashley, or if you have any questions, please contact Jon Stroud. [email protected]

West Ashley Greenway

The East Coast's Largest Greenway

The West Ashley Greenway is one of West Ashley, SC’s most unique attractions. Starting at the South Windermere Shopping Center and ending on John’s Island, this greenway is 8.25 miles long; making it the largest greenway on the East Coast! People are highly encouraged to come walk, run, bike and even bring their pets and families to enjoy this nature trail. The route of the West Ashley Greenway primarily follows Savannah Highway and has multiple entrances and parking areas. The greenway is open from sunrise to sunset every day of the year – if you have yet to go, it is time to check it out! For more information on homes for sale in West Ashley, SC please contact Jon Stroud!

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