Homes For Sale in Johns Island, SC

Johns Island

South Carolina's largest Island

Johns Island, the largest island in South Carolina, sits just southeast of the peninsula and is bordered by some of the most popular parts of the Charleston area. This island is home to The Angel Oak tree, one of the most popular attractions Charleston offers. This oak tree, known for its beauty, is estimated to be around 1500 years old. Whether you love horses or love watching them, The Mullet Hall Equestrian Center is another great part of the island. Horse shows, trail rides, parks, and horse boarding opportunities are sure to draw in many people. Johns Island, having such proximity to Charleston and immense scenic beauty, has made it a significant area for growth over the last decade. Although this area has grown, locals have done an outstanding job keeping a rural island feel. Johns Island offers a variety of property types, such as deep water, farms, gated communities, and land. For more information about homes for sale in Charleston, SC, please contact Jon Stroud at [email protected].  

Angel Oak Tree

Old and Beautiful

One of, if not the top attraction on Johns Island, is the beautiful Angel Oak Tree. Estimated to be about 500 years old, standing at roughly 67 feet high, this stunning tree covers approximately 17,000 square feet in shade. The beauty of this tree stems largely from its branches. One must come visit to truly understand the size and beauty of this aged and mature oak tree. Although a lot of people believe this Angel Oak tree resides in Charleston, it is actually a local favorite on John’s Island, which makes this island even more special! Surprising to some, it is completely free to come visit this gorgeous tree. It is an absolute must!


If you are interested in homes for sale in John’s Island, SC please contact Jon Stroud.

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